Scarlet wins!

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Round 1

scissors vs rock
Round 1 lost by Scarlet using an idiotic scissors!

Round 2

rock vs scissors
Scarlet used rock which defeats scissors! It's all to play for now !

Round 3

paper vs paper
Paper? paper. Once again!
scissors vs rock
Round 3 won by Rim3 using an effective rock! 2 - 1 lead for Rim3.

Round 4

rock vs rock
You people are always selecting rock!
rock vs scissors
Rim3 failed with scissors against rock.

Round 5

scissors vs rock
Rim3 won with rock which beats scissors!

Round 6

rock vs scissors
Round 6 taken by Scarlet vs scissors. Rim3 is no longer in front!

Round 7

scissors vs rock
Scarlet threw scissors however failed to beat rock.

Round 8

rock vs scissors
Scarlet has gone and won it! Rock takes down scissors! It's all to play for now that the game is tied.

Round 9

rock vs rock
You people continue to using rock!
rock vs rock
What is with the obsession with rock!
rock vs scissors
Round 9 went down the drain for Rim3 with an idiotic scissors! 5 - 4 lead for Scarlet.


Game ended February 12th 2019 at 02:30 UTC