Yağız Emre

Yağız wins!

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Round 1

scissors vs scissors
Everybody continues throwing scissors.
rock vs paper
Round 1 conquered by Emre up against rock. The tied game has been broken by Emre.

Round 2

paper vs rock
Yağız tried paper and that defeats rock!

Round 3

rock vs rock
Zzz. Rock? Seriously?.
scissors vs scissors
Everyone continues selecting scissors.
paper vs paper
Zzzz. Paper? So predictable.
paper vs rock
Emre used rock but couldn't beat paper! Yağız is ahead.

Round 4

scissors vs scissors
What's with the obsession with scissors!
scissors vs paper
Yağız has gone and won round 4! Scissors destroys paper.

Excellent play. Yağız has taken it 3 - 1.

Game ended January 12th 2019 at 11:19 UTC