Alt of Tortoise (#1 on ladder)Marvin

Marvin wins!

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Ladder Result

Alt of Tortoise (#1 on ladder) stayed at #6 and lost 15.00 points.
Marvin stayed at #4 and gained 20.00 points.

Round 1

scissors vs rock
Round 1 taken by Marvin vs scissors!

Round 2

spock vs paper
Spock destroys paper! No wait! Paper rips apart spock.

Round 3

lizard vs paper
Marvin tried paper but couldn't beat lizard. Marvin is is waving goodbye to their lead in this game.

Round 4

scissors vs rock
Alt of Tortoise (#1 on ladder) tried scissors however lost to rock.

Good play. Marvin has taken it 3 - 1.

Game ended June 27th 2018 at 22:51 UTC