HAL wins!

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Ladder Result

Bisty moved 1 place down to #4 and lost 33.24 points.
HAL moved 1 place up to #3 and gained 66.46 points.

Round 1

lizard vs lizard
Lizard? lizard. Once again.
lizard vs spock
Round 1 went wrong for HAL using a pointless spock! Bisty tied!

Round 2

paper vs scissors
HAL has only gone and done it! Scissors takes down paper.

Round 3

spock vs scissors
Bisty has only gone and won round 3! Spock takes down scissors!

Round 4

scissors vs scissors
Everybody keeps selecting scissors.
paper vs lizard
HAL selected lizard which destroys paper! Bisty has given up their advantage!

Round 5

paper vs lizard
HAL has done it! Lizard rips apart paper! Bisty has fallen behind!

Great play. HAL has taken it 3 - 2.

Game ended June 21st 2018 at 04:02 UTC