Wintermute wins!

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Ladder Result

GHOSTPIRATE stayed at #6 and lost 50.00 points.
Wintermute moved 1 place up to #9 and gained 100.00 points.

Round 1

paper vs rock
Round 1 won by GHOSTPIRATE against rock! It's no longer a draw.

Round 2

rock vs paper
Wintermute has only gone and won round 2! Paper wipes out rock. Wintermute is right back in the match.

Round 3

scissors vs scissors
What is with all the scissors.
scissors vs rock
Scissors rips apart rock! No! Rock beats scissors!

Round 4

paper vs paper
What is with all the paper!
rock vs rock
What is with all the rock!
scissors vs scissors
Scissors? scissors. So predictable!
scissors vs scissors
Why? Stop trying scissors.
paper vs paper
GHOSTPIRATE and Wintermute both chose paper.
paper vs paper
Everybody is always choosing paper.
paper vs scissors
Wintermute has gone and won it! Scissors defeats paper. Wintermute expands their lead!

1 - 3. That is it. It's done!

Game ended April 26th 2018 at 16:59 UTC