mustafa efe çobanArda Mısır

mustafa efe çoban wins!

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Ladder Result

mustafa efe çoban moved 9007 places up to #1180 and gained 81.25 points.
Arda Mısır moved 6539 places down to #16683 and lost 40.62 points.

Round 1

rock vs scissors
Round 1 taken by mustafa efe çoban with an effective rock.

Round 2

paper vs paper
Paper? paper. Once again.
paper vs rock
Rock wipes out paper! Is that right? No! Paper wipes out rock.

Round 3

rock vs lizard
Arda Mısır picked lizard however couldn't beat rock!

Nice set. Mustafa efe çoban has won it 3 - 0.

Game ended February 4th 2018 at 15:57 UTC