dennishan22 wins!

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Ladder Result

dennishan22 stayed at #4 and gained 43.24 points.
Marvin moved 1 place down to #6 and lost 21.62 points.

Round 1

rock vs scissors
Round 1 won by dennishan22 against scissors. Dennishan22 has put themselves in the lead.

Round 2

spock vs scissors
Round 2 went wrong for Marvin using an idiotic scissors!

Round 3

scissors vs spock
Marvin has gone and won it! Spock rips apart scissors.

Round 4

lizard vs paper
Marvin selected paper however failed to beat lizard.

Good set. Dennishan22 has won 3 - 1.

Game ended November 24th 2017 at 04:49 UTC