GGLOL wins!

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Ladder Result

GGLOL moved 1 place up to #16 and gained 22.99 points.
dennishan22 moved 4 places down to #31 and lost 11.49 points.

Round 1

spock vs scissors
Round 1 belongs to GGLOL up against scissors!

Round 2

lizard vs lizard
These people continue to choosing lizard!
rock vs rock
Really? Don't keep choosing rock.
spock vs spock
Everybody keeps trying spock!
paper vs rock
Rock defeats paper! No! Paper takes down rock! GGLOL adds to their advantage.

Round 3

spock vs rock
Round 3 belongs to GGLOL using a genius spock.

Excellent game. GGLOL has taken it 3 - 0.

Game ended November 24th 2017 at 02:14 UTC