GGLOL wins!

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Ladder Result

GGLOL moved 4 places up to #17 and gained 36.78 points.
dennishan22 moved 1 place down to #27 and lost 18.40 points.

Round 1

spock vs rock
Dennishan22 picked rock but fell flat against spock. GGLOL is in the lead.

Round 2

spock vs rock
GGLOL has gone and taken round 2! Spock defeats rock! GGLOL ups their lead!

Round 3

spock vs lizard
Dennishan22 won with lizard and that destroys spock. Dennishan22 changed the lead to 2 - 1!

Round 4

lizard vs lizard
Everyone continues throwing lizard!
rock vs scissors
GGLOL has only gone and won round 4! Rock takes down scissors! GGLOL adds to their lead!

Good game. GGLOL has taken it 3 - 1!

Game ended November 24th 2017 at 02:13 UTC