Wintermute wins!

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Ladder Result

adamlito stayed at #17 and lost 24.96 points.
Wintermute moved 6 places up to #10 and gained 49.92 points.

Round 1

rock vs scissors
Round 1 lost by Wintermute using an useless scissors!

Round 2

spock vs paper
Wintermute has gone and won it! Paper rips apart spock.

Round 3

spock vs lizard
Wintermute tried lizard which beats spock! 2 - 1 lead to Wintermute!

Round 4

paper vs lizard
Adamlito chose paper but failed to beat lizard! Adamlito has problems !

Good matchup. Wintermute has done it 3 - 1!

Game ended November 21st 2017 at 11:30 UTC