Sand NiggerThe Southern Knight

Sand Nigger wins!

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Round 1

lizard vs lizard
These people keep trying lizard.
spock vs rock
The Southern Knight used rock but fell flat against spock.

Round 2

paper vs scissors
The Southern Knight has gone and won round 2! Scissors defeats paper! The Southern Knight made it all square!

Round 3

paper vs spock
The Southern Knight selected spock however fell flat against paper! Sand Nigger has put themselves in front!

Round 4

lizard vs lizard
You people continue to trying lizard.
lizard vs rock
The Southern Knight won round 4 with rock against lizard! The Southern Knight is right back in fight!

Round 5

lizard vs paper
Paper destroys lizard! Oh? lizard takes down paper.

Nice match. Sand Nigger has won 3 - 2.

Game ended November 2nd 2017 at 13:23 UTC