Kingturtle77 wins!

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Ladder Result

Kingturtle77 moved 1 place up to #4 and gained 30.10 points.
Wintermute stayed at #9 and lost 15.05 points.

Round 1

scissors vs rock
Kingturtle77 selected scissors however fell flat against rock.

Round 2

paper vs rock
Wintermute chose rock however lost to paper! Kingturtle77 is right back in it.

Round 3

scissors vs scissors
Zzzzzz. Scissors? Once again!
scissors vs paper
Wintermute tried paper however couldn't beat scissors.

Round 4

paper vs rock
Kingturtle77 has gone and won round 4! Paper wipes out rock.

3 - 1. That's it. It's finished!

Game ended May 31st 2013 at 14:40 UTC