mohamedgh777 wins!

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Ladder Result

mohamedgh777 moved 63 places up to #50 and gained 100.00 points.
Wintermute stayed at #14 and lost 50.00 points.

Round 1

rock vs rock
You people are always trying rock.
rock vs rock
Again? Don't keep choosing rock.
rock vs scissors
Mohamedgh777 has gone and done it! Rock wipes out scissors.

Round 2

scissors vs paper
Paper destroys scissors! Oh? scissors rips apart paper.

Round 3

rock vs rock
You people keep picking rock!
rock vs paper
Mohamedgh777 flopped with rock versus paper. Mohamedgh777 is giving up their advantage in this match.

Round 4

rock vs paper
Wintermute coasted through round 4 with paper versus rock! Wintermute tied.

Round 5

scissors vs paper
Wintermute failed with paper vs scissors.

3 - 2. That's it. It's done!

Game ended January 11th 2013 at 08:00 UTC