Kascas wins!

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Ladder Result

Kascas moved 2 places up to #7 and gained 69.89 points.
Marvin moved 3 places down to #9 and lost 34.94 points.

Round 1

scissors vs paper
Round 1 taken by Kascas vs paper.

Round 2

scissors vs rock
Kascas selected scissors but fell flat against rock! Marvin tied!

Round 3

rock vs paper
Rock defeats paper! Oh? paper wipes out rock. It's no longer tied!

Round 4

rock vs rock
What's with the obsession with rock!
rock vs scissors
Round 4 belongs to Kascas with a brilliant rock.

Round 5

paper vs rock
Marvin tried rock however lost to paper.

Great play. Kascas has won 3 - 2!

Game ended June 30th 2012 at 16:14 UTC