G-Cracker wins!

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Ladder Result

G-Cracker moved 3 places up to #5 and gained 53.41 points.
Marvin moved 1 place down to #8 and lost 26.70 points.

Round 1

rock vs paper
Marvin threw paper and that beats rock! The tie has been broken by Marvin.

Round 2

rock vs scissors
G-Cracker has only gone and won it! Rock wipes out scissors. G-Cracker equalized the game!

Round 3

scissors vs paper
Round 3 conquered by G-Cracker up against paper. G-Cracker has taken the lead!

Round 4

paper vs paper
Everybody keeps throwing paper.
scissors vs paper
G-Cracker succeeded in round 4 with scissors versus paper.

Nice game. G-Cracker has won it 3 - 1!

Game ended May 31st 2012 at 20:39 UTC