Minda wins!

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Ladder Result

Minda stayed at #25 and gained 15.98 points.
Wintermute moved 2 places down to #40 and lost 7.99 points.

Round 1

scissors vs scissors
Zzzz. Scissors? !
rock vs rock
Everyone is always using rock.
rock vs paper
Round 1 belongs to Wintermute up against rock. It's no longer a draw!

Round 2

paper vs rock
Round 2 went down the drain for Wintermute using a pointless rock!

Round 3

rock vs scissors
Minda tried rock which is better than scissors. Minda has put themselves ahead.

Round 4

scissors vs scissors
You people continue to trying scissors.
scissors vs scissors
Scissors? scissors. Once again!
paper vs rock
Wintermute failed with rock vs paper.

3 - 1. That's it. It's finished!

Game ended December 25th 2016 at 10:57 UTC