caezx wins!

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Ladder Result

caezx moved 8 places up to #55 and gained 38.11 points.
Marvin moved 7 places down to #90 and lost 19.06 points.

Round 1

rock vs paper
Round 1 won by Marvin with a well played paper.

Round 2

scissors vs scissors
Caezx and Marvin both chose scissors.
scissors vs scissors
Everybody is always selecting scissors.
rock vs rock
Caezx and Marvin both selected rock!
paper vs rock
Round 2 taken by caezx with an effective paper! Caezx tied!

Round 3

scissors vs scissors
Scissors? scissors. Boooooring!
paper vs scissors
Round 3 taken by Marvin using an effective scissors.

Round 4

rock vs rock
You people continue to picking rock.
scissors vs paper
Round 4 went wrong for Marvin with a ridiculous paper. Caezx tied up the game.

Round 5

paper vs paper
What's with the obsession with paper!
rock vs rock
Everyone is always trying rock!
rock vs scissors
Marvin threw scissors but fell flat against rock.

3 - 2. That is it. It's over!

Game ended May 24th 2016 at 13:26 UTC