Ashot DallHAL

Ashot Dall wins!

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Ladder Result

Ashot Dall stayed at #1 and gained 10.58 points.
HAL stayed at #5 and lost 5.29 points.

Round 1

scissors vs rock
Ashot Dall flopped with scissors versus rock! Ashot Dall has fallen behind!

Round 2

rock vs rock
Ashot Dall and HAL both used rock!
scissors vs rock
HAL won round 2 with rock versus scissors.

Round 3

scissors vs paper
HAL threw paper but failed to beat scissors! Ashot Dall reduced the score to 1 - 2.

Round 4

rock vs scissors
Ashot Dall has taken round 4! Rock takes down scissors.

Round 5

scissors vs paper
Round 5 went down the drain for HAL with an useless paper!

Good game. Ashot Dall has won it 3 - 2!

Game ended May 15th 2011 at 07:51 UTC