Tortoise wins!

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Round 1

lizard vs lizard
Tortoise and Changuis both selected lizard!
paper vs rock
Rock beats paper! No wait! Paper takes down rock! Changuis has gone behind!

Round 2

spock vs lizard
Tortoise failed with spock up against lizard!

Round 3

spock vs paper
Spock defeats paper! Wait? paper destroys spock!

Round 4

lizard vs scissors
Changuis won with scissors and that trumps lizard!

Round 5

paper vs spock
Spock defeats paper! Oh? paper destroys spock. Tortoise reduces the score to 2 - 3!

Round 6

spock vs rock
Changuis flopped with rock up against spock. Changuis is no longer ahead!

Round 7

rock vs rock
Rock? rock. Seriously?!
lizard vs lizard
Tortoise and Changuis both picked lizard!
paper vs paper
Tortoise and Changuis each used paper.
spock vs spock
These people are always throwing spock.
rock vs scissors
Tortoise has done it! Rock destroys scissors! Changuis has gone behind!

Round 8

lizard vs lizard
What's with all the lizard!
scissors vs paper
Changuis lost with paper versus scissors.


Game ended March 15th 2019 at 04:01 UTC